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Apr. 26th, 2009 | 09:25 pm
music: Miley Cyrus - Breakout | Powered by Last.fm

'Hannah Montana is America’s newest sweetheart. Disney’s newest pop teen sensation can be found on anything and mostly everything from school supplies to clothing and even on candy. Miley Cyrus (the actress of Hannah Montana) has been recently engaged in scandalous photos which have been made famous over the world-wide web. She had made her image a clean one claiming to love Jesus and that she is a Christian. But recently she has made poor choices destroying her image. Miley, who is the mere age of fifteen, has posed for Vanity Fair with only a blanket covering her front. She has taken pictures of herself in underwear, and of her lying bed, this kind of behavior should not come from role model of young children. Each new picture and behavior of the teen pop star has an “explanation,” she may be a teenager in today’s world and wants to be a “normal” teenager. That is not proper behavior not just for Miley Cyrus but for anyone who is a known role model for teens. Her stage name (Hannah Montana) is known world wide, and Miley Cyrus herself as a singer is famous. It is time for Miley to step up and realize how she has the influencing power over younger adolescents.

April 25th, 2008 Miley Cyrus appeared wrapped in a satin bed sheet of the popular magazine Vanity Fair. The controversy was not if Annie Leibovitz’s photo should be considered as “art”, but if photograph’s pose and essence destroys the image of Miley Cyrus (aka. Hannah Montana). Miley fosters a young adolescent fan-base that worships her; this is not what behavior Disney expects from their rising star.

According to PEOPLE magazine:
“ Though Cyrus's parents left before the final shot, with Miley supposed to be appearing topless, the source said: "Miley's grandmother and her teacher were there when she shot it. Annie convinced them it was going to be artistic.”
Why is the blame falling on to the photographer? There were adults present who both could have denied the shoot, and Miley herself could have said no. Disney and Miley both made formal apologizes, however these are not the only pictures that have been released of the young pop star.'

This is taken from Mibba, written by Charmless. (http://member.mibba.com/16295/)

I commented;

Oh what the flip?

Sure, she's a role model, but she also does have a life. Sure, knowing that there are cameras everywhere should make her a bit more careful in her behaviour, but seriously, she can't let the PUBLIC decide how she controls her life. If she wants to go into the hottub with her friends and take pictures and therefore create a great memory, then sure.

As for the "lesbian" dubbed picture of her and her friend sharing a licorice? What the hell?! No seriously, that really made me laugh out loud. And hard. I mean, people are just trying to find some material to overreact over. It's ... you know what, it's just silly. And pathetic.

And what frustrates me the most is that people are constantly tearing her down, JUST BECAUSE SHE'S LIVING HER DREAM.
Sure, I was pissed off at her, cause I always wanted to become a famous singer, but then I just realised, Hey, instead of sulking and being angry at a person I don't know in person, I can just be happy that someone is at least living their dream/s.

I'll stop now.

Bottom line; leave the poor thing alone. She's allowed to have FUN every once in a while.

</comment fin>

But seriously.

What's wrong with having fun? It isn't her fault her phone got hacked and the photos leaked online. I mean, she took "naked" pictures for her boyfriend. It was supposed to stay private.

Oh fuck, I'm done.

I don't know what to write any more.

Anyway. Give these kids a little break. It's hard - I'm sure - being constantly followed by cameras and such, all the publicity (wanted or not).
As much as I want to become famous, I doubt I'd ever handle the pressure of being famous.



Night x.


Vanity Fair was not the first incident to happen with Miley Cyrus and inappropriate photographs. A few months before in January of 2008, pictures were released of Miley and her blonde friend at a hotel sharing a piece of licorice with their mouths. These pictures were dubbed as “lesbian.” A few weeks later more photos were released of her in her bathing suit in a hot tub and her with her friends. April of 2008 more photos were leaked to the internet of her with her boyfriend exposed in less-than-modest clothing, another picture of her pulling down her tank top to reveal a green bra. The worst has yet to come; most recently pictures of Miley were taken with her bra-less in bed, and another with her standing in her underwear holding up her shirt to reveal her stomach. There are even slide shows on YouTube.com of “Miley Cyrus Nude Photos!” Miley has not been releasing these pictures herself; these have been taken by a hacker who allegedly broke into her phone. The pictures were suppose to stay “private” says Miley. The real question is “Why is she taking these photos at all?” These pictures may be normal for some teenage girls but not for a mutli-million dollar Disney role model, who is supposedly up holding a “wholesome” and “Christian” image.

In the digital age of computers there are websites such as MySpace, and Facebook there are many inappropriate pictures of users posted on these websites. In blogs such as CrazyDaysandCrazyNight.net users say that “she is just having a good time” and some even say “she is just being a normal teenager.” But the fact remains that Miley is not a normal teenager. She is not a normal high school student who has a MySpace and posts pictures of her and her friends both appropriate and inappropriate. She is a young actress who needs to be aspiring to reach for higher goals. Disney wants her maintain her wholesome image. Young children see her everyday on TV as Hannah Montana as well as in other merchandise. An argument is that young children do not understand what is happening. However, children do have incite on Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus by simply using the internet. Google has exactly 22,500,000 links for Hannah Montana. (0.17 seconds) and 31,700,000 link for Miley Cyrus. (0.16 seconds). If a younger child was researching it would not be very difficult to find these pictures. Miley is also showing the world what is happening to younger generations, becoming more revealing and decrease in morals.

Most of these pictures of Miley are considered “normal” for teenage girls of fifteen. In this case America’s sweetheart is not a normal teenager; she is a role model for these generations. Young children should not be exposed to raunchy photos in underwear or bathing suits. This shows how the values and morals are deteriorating in today’s society. Each mistake has an excuse for her actions Vanity Fair she was “manipulated.” Pictures of herself in underwear, and of her lying bed, were “private” and not suppose to be released. These actions have a negative impact on the adolescents. Younger children see Hannah Montana everyday, and is this what parents want their children to be exposed to? It is time that Miley Cyrus cleans up her act and starts acting like the “wholesome Christian” that she claims to be.

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fuck you

Apr. 24th, 2009 | 06:26 pm

Isn't it funny how adults are always telling teenagers today, "Express yourself. Speak your mind. Tell us your opinion on things," and as soon as we do, they tell us to shut up, and that our opinions don't matter, and that we're only talking back at them. I mean, how the fuck is that fair? Don't we have the same right as you, to speak our mind? Don't our opinions matter just as much as yours? Just because you are older, and "wiser" (*bullshit*) doesn't mean you can walk all over us. And you should respect our feelings, too. We've got them, you know. We're not heartless fucks. I know we can be a pain in the ass, but seriously, we're really going through a difficult time. Exams coming up, this is our last year in school, before we go to college or whatever the hell it's called. We need a little break. This year has been really tough, seeing as it's our last year, before we go off into the "real life" and all that shit. I'm really terrified, so please do excuse me if I act up, or not only me, but the rest of us. I'm sure you remember what it was like, having to deal with your shit on your own? I know parents usually have your back in almost everything, but seriously, it's time we handle it on our own, and that can be pretty scary.


I think I'm done.

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Writer's Block: Celebrating Friendships

Apr. 24th, 2009 | 06:15 pm

Over the past ten years, many friendships have started and/or been renewed on LiveJournal. Of your current LJ friends, who have you known the longest?
My LiveJournal friends?

Hm. They aren't many, haha.


I am pretty sure I've known her the longest. What is, five or six years, almost? I'm really surprised we've managed to stay so connected throughout the years, and we've never even met face-to-face. It's pretty amazing. She's pretty amazing. Well, pretty AND amazing. :D

I think that's about it.

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Apr. 19th, 2009 | 12:34 am
location: my bedroom
mood: tiredtired
music: March Out Of The Darkness - Papa Roach


Issue no 1255
April 04/2009

Never Take Us Alive
"This is a fight song of persistence. In the two and a half years of touring and going through everything that we have, we've learnt a lot. We now have an awareness that people will always try and pick on you, try and push you out of the game and bring you down, but if you believe strongly enough in something, then none of that stuff comes through. The song is about overcoming the negativity, ignoring it and continuing the pursuit of your own happiness."

Let's Get Outta Here
"This track is about the imaginary, psychological and metaphorical paradise that someone, who may be stuck in their town, their life, or their job, can escape to."

"There are a lot of temptations that tug at you in this world: girls, drugs, going out partying. There are things you aren't meant to do, but there seems to be a devil on your shoulder telling you to do them. This song is about that guy coming out at night when you're restless and you feel like you haven't done enough living, Sid and Nancy style!"

"As a band, you get attention, and when you do, people come out of the woodwork to criticise you. When we started this band, we didn't think about the negative - you go out there to do something positive and affect people in a positive way - but it seems there are always little arrows that try and attack you. Criminals is about seeking revenge on the people that pick on you."

Through The Pain
"This song is about confessing all the awful things that you have done in your life to someone you love and crying out for help. Hypothetically, say you're addicted to drugs, the only way to get better is to go through withdrawal to get well again. Whether that's in a relationship and you have to break up, or you are in a job and you have to change, it may be terrifying, but you have to go through the hard part to get better."

Never Walk Alone

"Lyrically, this song sums up the whole record. As awful as things get, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. There is always someone who has gone though the same experiences and can relate to you. As long as you keep that in mind, you'll never be alone."

Not For This World

"It's a song about the realisation that the world is there for you to enjoy and live in. It's a take-the-bull-by-the-horns thing. It's told through a story based on personal experience, what we've gone through and what we've done that makes us who we are."

Welcome To Oblivion

"This is about panic attacks. We all get them and I get them a lot! It feels like your mind is going to slip, it's terrifying and they are horrific. You feel like you are going insane. I think our band lifestyle has made them worse, but I've had them my whole life. I used to throw after playing soccer from sheer panic. It's just nerves and anxiety. It's the weirdest thing."

Silent Voices Kill
"This is about the voices that people have in their head that talk to them, especially when you're trying to sleep. You think that it's you talking, but it's not. I think it's the 'ego', and the 'egoic' mind is the devil and it needs to be obliterated. The goal is to observe those voices, realise that it isn't you and ultimately destroy them before they destroy you."

"The track is about feeling marginalised and narcissism, too. It seems I meet more and more people every day who only listen when they are talking and I think there has been an awful trend towards feelings of entitlement and self-interest. This song is about the effect of having someone like that in your life."

Friends And Lovers

"You have to learn to fall in love with even the horrible moments of your life, because they make you who you are. Lyrically, this is quite personal; I talk about the bad things that have happened in my life [the Leone's mother died in a car accident when they were 12 years old]. It's the realisation that you are on a journey in life to enlightenment and happiness and that even great things can come out of tragedy."

Lila, The Divine Game
"Lila, The Divine Game is 'life'. I believe it's what an ancient Eastern religion calls life and the route to enlightenment. That track doesn't have any lyrics on this one, but it does have tremendous significance hidden in it in places. We're sure that our fans will figure it out!"

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Writer's Block: What is your name?

Apr. 9th, 2009 | 09:37 pm
music: choir of agony - we sang the joy away

Erm. Okay. Favorite names I'd probably name my kid or a role play character; Arabella or Amelia.

List of names I wouldn't mind having as my own;

....okay i'm blank.


´------ fuck this, i'll finish it later. gotta go. xx


okay, let's continue with this, shall we?

hayley? haha paramore

hm. i think that's all i can think of for now

*april 10, 1:56pm*
no wait, i've got more;

Dexter (okay, I know this is a guy's name, but DUDE, it's a freaking awesome name :O )

....okay...i do admit that most of these names are Harry Potter related, but hell, they are awesome.

i'm taking this

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i've got a secret,,

Apr. 8th, 2009 | 11:49 pm
music: chelsea smile - bring me the horizon

as you may have well noticed, i've been a bit bored in the past hour (or two?).


went out earlier. with a few kids. got some beer and stuff and walked far out of town, towards the "beach" and we tried to start a fire. didn't go so well. haha.

went home.

gonna do this again later, but much more prepared. and better dressed. haha. i'm still shivering. and it's been like three hours. haha. okay, maybe two and a half.

anyway, i'm off to bed. helping my brother's girlfriend painting their new apartment. joy, i'll be getting cake!

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because i am bored.

Apr. 8th, 2009 | 11:19 pm
music: whiskey lullaby - brad paisley & alison krauss

1. What curse word do you use the most?
Probably 'fuck' or 'shit'

2. Do you own an iPod?

3. What person on your Flist do you talk to the most?
Karolina? Gulla? Or "talk" to Emily. If it's on my LJ friend list.

4. What time is your alarm clock set to?

It's SPRING BREAK. I don't need no stinking alarm clock :D

5. Do you still remember the first person you kissed?
Ain't had that "first kiss"

6. Do you remember where you were on 9/11/01?
Probably doing something stupid. Wish I had been older, and known what was going on. Oh wait, I think I was in school. IT class. A teacher walked in and told us what had happened. We had a minute of silence.

7. Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?
I rather be behind the camera, but I do like being in them as well, so I can be in with the memory. You know?

8. What was the last movie you watched?
Mars Attacks! Good stuff.

9. Do any of your friends have children?

Uh, no? Well, my older sister is my friend and she's got two? Does that count?

10. Has anyone anyone ever called you lazy?

11. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep?
I used to. Stupid stuff. Gone off them, thankfully. :D

12. What CD is currently in your CD player?
Nothing. Some stupid schmuck forgot to take the CD player inside and it snowed/rained. Have yet to check if it still works.

13. Do you prefer regular or chocolate?
Erm. Regular or chocolate what? Milk?

14. Has anyone told you a secret this week?

Not really a secret. I don't know.

15. When was the last time you had Starbucks?

16. Can you whistle?

17. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Hair, eyes.

18. What are you looking forward to?

Summer! England! Emily! Rachel! ENGLAND!

19. Did you watch cartoons as a child?
Of course. And I still do.

23. Do you own any band t-shirts?
A few, yes.

24. What will you be doing in one hour?

Hopefully sleeping.

25. Is anyone in love with you?
Probably not, haha.

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Writer's Block: Ten for the Tenth

Apr. 8th, 2009 | 11:02 pm
music: inside the fire - disturbed

Some people spend their whole lives preparing the answer to this question: What albums are on your personal all-time Top 10 list?
not really in any particular order. okay. got the ten. but i can't really stop there. there are so many more. haa, bear with me.

my chemical romance - the black parade
my chemical romance - three cheers for sweet revenge
paramore - all we know is falling
paramore - riot!
system of a down - hypnotize
system of a down - mezmerize
system of a down - toxicity
disturbed - the sickness
disturbed - believe
pink floyd - the wall

can't really stop here. let's change the question to "what are your top 10+ bands?"

a perfect circle - eMOTIVe
a perfect circle - mer de moms
a perfect circle - thirteenth step
linkin park - hybrid theory + breaking the habit and numb
marilyn manson - antichrist superstar
marilyn manson - the golden age of grotesque
fair to midland - fables from a mayfly: what i tell you three times is true
;most of koRn's albums
evanescence - fallen
evanescence - the open door
the nightmare before christmas soundtrack (it counts)
;most of rammstein's albums


haha. "best" albums. it's a weird word. more like "all-time favorites"

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100 truths

Apr. 8th, 2009 | 10:49 pm
music: Call That A Comeback - yma6

Because I have nothing better to do.

001. Name → Rikey
002. Nickname → Ree
003. Status → Single
004. Zodiac sign → Pisces
005. Male or female →  Female
006. Elementary → Hamarsskoli
007. Middle School → ...BES & Vallaskoli?
008. High School → BES & Vallaskoli?
009. Smart → I try my best.
010. Hair color → Red-brown. Ish. Getting my natural back.
011. Long or short → Short.
012. Loud or Quiet → Ha both.
013. Sweats or Jeans → Jeans.
014. Phone or Camera → Aaah. Can I pick both?
015. Health freak → Oh yeah. I'm a real health freak. Seriously? No.
016. Drink or Smoke? → Occasionally drink, but don't smoke.
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → Does it HAVE to be someone I know in real life? If not, Matt Shadows and Frank Iero.
018. Eat or Drink → Eat.
019. Piercings → Ears, lip.
020. Tattoos → No. But I want a mermaid, a Bob and either HP or a lightning bolt thingamajiggy.

023. First piercing → Ears.
024. First best friend → Dagmar.
025. First award → Ah. Some Christmas thingamajiggy at school.
026. First crush → Don't know.
027. First pet → Don't remember.
028. First big vacation → Spain.
030. First big birthday → Haha don't remember. Never been a big birthday girl.

049. Eating → Nothing.
050. Drinking → Nothing
052. I'm about to → finish this.
053. Listening to → Jealous Minds Think Alike - You Me At Six
054. Plans for today → SLEEEEEEP.

058. Want kids? → Not really.
059. Want to get married? → Naah.
060. Careers in mind → Starbucks?

068. Lips or eyes → Eyes.
070. Shorter or taller? → Taller
072. Romantic or spontaneous → Both
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → Both?
074. Sensitive or loud → Both
075. Hook-up or relationship → Hm. Both sound equally interesting.
077. Trouble maker or hesitant → Both

080. Lost glasses/contacts → Hahaha yes.
081. Ran away from home → Nah.
084. Broken someones heart → Nah.
085. Been arrested → Nope. But the police used to give me a ride home all the time.
087. Cried when someone died → Yes. No, I'm a cold-hearted jerk.

089. Yourself → Meh.
090. Miracles → Me
091. Love at first sight → No.
092. Heaven → Meh. It's nice to believe in SOMETHING, but heaven... I don't really know.
093. Santa Claus → :( stupid adults ruin all the fun
094. Sex on the first date → No
095. Kiss on the first date → No. Well, if the chemistry's enough

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → Yes
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → It's okay, I suppose (:
099. Do you believe in God → Not really
100. Post as 100 truths and tag → tag who? Emily? Karolina?

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Writer's Block: Under the Same Sign

Apr. 8th, 2009 | 10:35 pm

Today is chockfull of celebrity birthdays—Brad Pitt, Keith Richards, Christina Aguilera, and more. What celebrities do you share your birthday with? Do you find any similarities between you and those who share your birthday?
James Blunt
Dakota Fanning.


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