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fuck you

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Apr. 24th, 2009 | 06:26 pm

Isn't it funny how adults are always telling teenagers today, "Express yourself. Speak your mind. Tell us your opinion on things," and as soon as we do, they tell us to shut up, and that our opinions don't matter, and that we're only talking back at them. I mean, how the fuck is that fair? Don't we have the same right as you, to speak our mind? Don't our opinions matter just as much as yours? Just because you are older, and "wiser" (*bullshit*) doesn't mean you can walk all over us. And you should respect our feelings, too. We've got them, you know. We're not heartless fucks. I know we can be a pain in the ass, but seriously, we're really going through a difficult time. Exams coming up, this is our last year in school, before we go to college or whatever the hell it's called. We need a little break. This year has been really tough, seeing as it's our last year, before we go off into the "real life" and all that shit. I'm really terrified, so please do excuse me if I act up, or not only me, but the rest of us. I'm sure you remember what it was like, having to deal with your shit on your own? I know parents usually have your back in almost everything, but seriously, it's time we handle it on our own, and that can be pretty scary.


I think I'm done.

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