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Writer's Block: Heavenly Bodies

Apr. 8th, 2009 | 03:58 pm
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If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it?
That's simple; Planet Bob.

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santa clause is coming to town

Apr. 8th, 2009 | 03:11 am


a friend of mine sent me a message on msn earlier, saying

"in case i do something tonight, and you won't ever see me again; goodbye, and i hope you find happiness in life".

I called her, and talked to her for a bit, telling her to stay strong and that I'd go see her tomorrow.

What did I feel after that? Nothing at all.

And now, another friend sent me an email, that she feels miserable all the time and isn't sure if we should continue talking. But only for a while, though. But still.

And I feel nothing.

It's like. Ugh. Only recently I found pictures of my '95 sister in nothing but a bra and panties. And my class mate told me about it. How sick is that? Anonymous people were commenting on the picture saying stuff like "oh that's hot, i'd like to tap that - got any more pictures?"
She didn't post them up herself, but still. She must've sent them to someone for someone to gain access to them and put them online. How sick and twisted is that?

It's like, I just don't really care anymore. During these past three or four years, life's been hell for us, on and off, but hell nonetheless. Ever since the divorce, things have been going downhill. My mother's mental breakdown, the serious case of my sister and the sick pedofile (who's now in jail for killing two kids in a car accident, but not for the other thing), both my parents dealing with depression, both my grandmother's dying over two months, my sister going to a foster home for about half a year. I fell out with a friend, but we got back together. My cousin got into some bad company, and started drinking, smoking and doing drugs - she's off the drugs now, but seriously, how can I be so sure? Maybe she's off them now, but how long will it be for her to start again? And she's the same age as I am, for crying out loud! Also, my sister - how long will it be?

I've never been really suicidal, but what teenager hasn't ever THOUGHT about suicide? Not actually comitting suicide, but thought about death? I'm sure just about everyone has, at some point in their troubled life.

I really don't know what to do anymore.
I don't really care anymore, though.

Usually, when I'm pouring my heart out like this, I'm crying, but this time I've just been...pleh.

Is there something wrong with me? As emo as it may sound (god i hate this word, emo), I think I've finally become numb towards everything. I mean, sure, I can still laugh and smile and stuff, be happy, but how long will it last?

What can I do?

Ugh, I need help.

I need some serious motherfucking help.

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Writer's Block: Grab and Go

Apr. 6th, 2009 | 12:28 pm
music: Avenged Sevenfold - Streets | Powered by Last.fm

Scenario: For exactly 1 minute, you get access to all the databases of all the intelligence agencies in the world (CIA, FBI, KGB, MI-5, etc). What do you want to find out before time is up and you're caught and jailed forever?
I would like to know if Area-51 really does exist.

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laugh out loud

Apr. 5th, 2009 | 10:21 pm

Frank: "Has goldfinger ever had a flock of mooses advancing on him? It's a terrifying sight."
Mikey: "That's not the plural of moose, it's moosi."
Gerard: "Fuck off, it's meese."

Camera man: "Did you read the new Ellen Degeneres book?"
Frank: "Yeah."
Camera man: "What did you think?"
Frank: "It made me a fucking lesbian!"

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Apr. 5th, 2009 | 09:44 pm
music: Kill Hannah - Hyperactive | Powered by Last.fm

yesterday was awesome.

can't really describe it properly.

but it was awesome.

i'll upload pictures as soon as i find to goddamn uploading cord, since the laptop doesn't accept the memory card.


yeah. 'twas good.

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and i'll whisper "no."

Mar. 31st, 2009 | 11:59 pm
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Watchmen. Word to describe it = AWESOME.

Weather, however, is NOT AWESOME.

Iceland is NOT AWESOME.


Okay. Let me take it from the start.

Went with the bus at 19:10. It was already "stormy" and snowing and pleh. Got to Selfoss, went to the cinema straight away, bought our tickets. Waited for half an hour, before going down. There, we waited for like ten minutes or fifteen before the movie begin.
And it was awesome. Must read the comics. To make more sense of the movie. Haha. Rorschach. Adrien. Jon. :D
Draco's brother.
Blue Penis.
Need I say more?
Oh and an English woman behind talking awesome English xD

Anyway. When there were about ten minutes or more left of the film, Birta and Margrét had to leave, to catch the bus. But I stayed behind. It's rude to leave the cinema in the middle of a movie!

Movie over. Credits rolling. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.
I sat still after everyone else had left the place, not leaving until they'd finished playing. I went out. Blizzard. Called my dad, asked him to come pick me up. No. His car wasn't working properly. I called my aunt and asked her to pick me up. Waited half an hour in the cold, freezing my ass off with Nirvana and ATL. Her man came. Drove me off to my dad's apartment. Dad pissed off because "you should've thought this through." He was pissed off. Like, big time. He then, being the stubborn fool he is, said he'd drive me home (10-15 minutes distance) with a *broken* car. STUBBORN ASS.

Got home. Warmed up. Slipped into my PJS. Wrote this. Slept.


Noted the sarcasm? Smart person. (:

I hate dentists. With passion. I'm also kind of afraid of them. I mean, seriously, who wouldn't when they've got their entire hand UP IN YOUR MOUTH and nothing you can do but bite them and then they take all their torturing tools and kill you with them? And if they don't succeed, and you get away, they find your home address and come during the night because they are mass murderers who have nothing better with their time but hunt up their innocent victims? Get my drift?

Ah, screw this. Gotta finish importing those McFLY and Green Day songs.


(awesome night)

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Mar. 28th, 2009 | 02:28 pm
location: my room
mood: happyhappy
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sent my aunt a comment on facebook, telling her the dates desirable. and she said they suit her as well.

20 july - 2 august.

see all you english people then!


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Mar. 21st, 2009 | 10:35 pm

ugh i just really really really need to get this off my chest, don't care whether you read this or not.
and this is probably going to sound all emo-ish and all, as much as i hate it. i just find it better to express myself in writing.

i hate feeling so good one day, and so extremely miserable the next. it's driving me insane, i dont know what to do anymore. i want to feel happy, and i know that feeling happy isn't going to be the case ALL THE TIME but seriously, give me a fucking break.

ugh i have this all in my head, but when its time go get it all out, i go blank, but the feeling still remains.

i do realise that i have it better than some people. i have good friends and a great family. my mum and dad are really good friends, despite being divorced. Bjarni's a wonderful man and if mum hadn't found him, we'd all be fucked. big time. he's held my mum together, during her total nervous breakdown some time ago, and during her sickness.

dad's doing well, battling his own depression (everyone's depressed, lol). he's in a wonderful relationship with an AWESOME woman. yeah

okay, friends. friends are awesome. i like being around them. but when i feel down, i can't really talk to them. i know i CAN, but i just feel silly, like i don't want to be annoying. i know that sounds silly but... i just want to have someone i can go to with whatever is going on and cry on their shoulders. i can't cry in front of them. i always get the feeling like i'm supposed to be the one with the shoulder to cry on. you know?
maybe i'm just afraid that they'll get all awkward and like "erm..what are you doing.." stuff like that, though i know they won't do that. it's hard to explain.

i just want to get away. move somewhere else, meet new people, start over.
i hope i'll be able to do that when i move to england (london?). but i don't know. i'll probably be stuck in this hellhole for the rest of my life.

how come i have no goals for my life? i mean, i'm not even sure if i want to get past 30. not if i'll be feeling like THIS all the time. it'll be too painful.

ugh, now all i need is to bring in the cutting and i'll be the perfect emo lol :D

i just really need this off my chest. it'll probably do me no good at all but fuck it.


i do nothing at school. i usually just sit and read my books, write my stories...paying no attention to the teacher. i want to pay attention, but i lose focus so easily. maybe i should start taking my meds again (haha saying that makes me feel so fucked up lol). no i dont want that.

i need to lose weight. i hate myself for being like this. i mean, if i'd do anything about it, i'm going to lose weight very quickly, but there's always something stopping me. usually it's just me. i'm so lazy. ugh.

seriously, if i don't do anything about me feeling like this, something's going to happen.

i'm off.


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Writer's Block: Daily Grind

Mar. 21st, 2009 | 09:08 pm
music: Falling Away From Me - KoRn

Describe your morning routine.
Describe my morning routine? Okay.

I usually wake up at 6am, go back to bed, wake up at 6:30am, fall lightly asleep until 7am. Don't ask why. From there, I sleep for five or ten minutes, before finally getting up. I brush my hair, put in my contact lenses, get dressed. Make sure I've got everything I need for the day, pick up my bag and go downstairs. At ca. 15-20 past 7 I eat breakfast, go brush my teeth and usually it's about 7:30 when I go into the living room, throw myself onto the couch, on the stomach, and fall asleep until five minutes to 8. Then I walk to school, which starts at 8:20.


That's about it.

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(no subject)

Mar. 21st, 2009 | 12:40 am
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Katy Perry - Thinking of You | Powered by Last.fm


first of all I'd like to get this out in the open; my ass is huge.


Haha. Went to Regína's place for a "party". Had loads of fun. She cooked us some taco soup (never knew such a thing existed but apparently it does). Okay, so we ate that, talked, laughed and stuff. Then Regzinator suggested that we'd go out and locate our beloved MONKEY SWING. At last we found it (which wasn't too hard). It was fun. It started raining suddenly and it felt so...liberating, as cheesy as that sounds. Haha. Then I, with my brilliant observing eye, found a turning thingamajiggy, meant for kids under the age of 8. But since our mental age is about that, we decided to take it for a spin.


Yadda yadda yadda, they bullied me ontop of the thingy, and spun me around so much I nearly threw up. Then, when I got off, I felt so dizzy, I slipped and fell onto the wet grass. Nice. So yeah, Marín helped me up and we headed back home to Regína's place, where we watched Licence To Wed. Bjarni came and picked me up halfway through the movie, around twelve, since I needed to go home, because I didn't have any spare clothes, and I was soaking wet. But it was so worth it. :D

So yeah... THREE pictures, and TWO videos. And none of me, since the only one taken made me look like a big fat mountain of jelly tummy. Which is probably true. lol :D

Brynja = black top; Regina = the other freak
Haha, she'll hate me for posting this up, but she doesn't have an LJ account, so how would she EVER find this?
(Gulla, don't you DARE show her this).

no wait there's my awesome hair. :D And some weird...Reginian facial expression

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